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8 Reasons Guys Love it When a woman has an Orgasm

Men like to feel accomplished
Have you ever see a guy right after he receives a promotion at work? Or after his fantasy football team wins the league? He stands a little taller, puffs his chest out a little more. We crave that sense of achievement in the bedroom, too. So even if your guy’s drooling into his pillow, if you just had an orgasm, you can bet he’s dreaming the dreams of a champion. 

Big Os bring us closer
Orgasms flood both our brains with the bonding hormone oxytocin. It makes you feel more connected, love-y, and just all around awesome. And hey, why should we experience this feel-good cocktail on our own?      

We get a private show
Watching women lose control turns men on. When we curl our toes, bite our lip, arch our back … that’s some real stuff. And you man is the only ones who gets to see it. 

A womans voice sounds amazing at that volume
Men generally only hear you raise your voice under two circumstances: You’re really mad at them, or you’re really happy with him. When you’re on the precipice of an orgasm, they assume they’re in that second category.   

Men like to know you’re having just as good a time as we are 
There’s no Yelp for men (well, this app comes close) so the only reviews we have to go on are your own enthusiasm. This means they strive to deliver upstanding service every single time. They know you can still be enjoying yourself without an orgasm, but that doesn’t make them any less committed to the task…Hopefully!

Your happiness is important to him
That’s part of the reason he loves to give you things. Orgasms, as it turns out, just happen to be way cheaper (and more mind-blowing) than flowers or jewelry. 

You’re like a sexy chameleon
As you heat up and your blood starts flowing faster, your chest can turn a little pink. It’s called “sex flush,” and it looks great on you. 

Honestly, they’re just impressed
Reports from the field indicate that women can experience multiple orgasms. This is foreign to men, which makes it all the more epic to watch.

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